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Senior Adults Sweep Lead Horse Open II

On July 27-29 at the Lied Center of Kansas, Lead Horse LLC hosted its second installation of its competitive dance series called The Lead Horse Open II.....

40 registered contestants from all across the country, traveled to Lawrence,KS for a three-day tournament based competition featuring songs curated by Native American Powwow Champion Singer - Joe Rainey, Sr.

The results of the Lead Horse Open II:

Women's Jingle: Men's Grass:

1st - Tanksi Clairmont 1st - Jon Taken Alive

2nd - Rebekah Nevaquaya 2nd - Desmond Madera

3rd - Beedoskah Stonefish 3rd - Elias HerManyHorses

4th - Scherri Greene 4th - Marty Thurman

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