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Lead Horse and Mini-Moccasins to Host $1,200 Virtual Dance Special



Back in February, Lead Horse LLC and Mini-Moccasins, Inc., received a "Get Out The Count" grant from the National Congress of American Indians' Indian Country Counts Campaign.


About Indian Country Counts:

"NCAI sees participation as one of many components on the civic engagement continuum. The Census is just one way of making sure Natives are full participants in the American political process and democracy. Being included in the 2020 Census is just as important as registering our people to vote and getting them to the polls on Election Day. Census data are used for apportionment and redistricting efforts.

With large gaps in data on our population, it’s difficult to make progress when we can’t describe needs for improving infrastructure like roads, housing, schools, police, and hospitals.

We know that accurate data is necessary for forward thinking policy development. It is critical that the 2020 Census captures an accurate picture of Indian Country, as it lays the groundwork for a decade of policymaking, from 2020 to 2030. It will also be a part of the debate as we turn from census data to redistricting and then continuing to work toward measuring economic development."


Dance Special Information

Teen Boys Grass & Teen Girls Jingle

17 and Under

1st: $200 | 2nd: $150 | 3rd: $100 | 4th: $75 | 5th: $50 | 6th: $25 (Each Category)

Songs by Young Bear Singers


Johnnie Johnson

Elias Her Many Horses

Tyson Killspotted

Shaina Snyder

Ryanne White

Rebekah Nevaquaya



  • Your household must have participated in 2020 U.S. Census

  • W-9’s will be issued to all winners, Parent/Guardian required.

  • Winner's will be required to show confirmation / completion of Census and/or can attach it to their video submission.

If you haven’t been counted yet, please visit:

For Census Questions: please contact Maria Boyd -



  • Contestants must use the provided Youtube/song link, hashtag #ItPaysToBeCounted and name on their video submission.

  • Dancers will perform two (2) back-to-back songs for their respective category

  • Grass: One Straight, One Crow Hop

  • Jingle: One Straight, One Side-Step

  • All videos must be submitted on Friday May 22, 2020 between 6am (CDT) and 11pm (CDT) on Lead Horse LLC’s Facebook page,

    • No Early Submissions

  • Contestants must say their name, tribal affiliation, location before their songs.

  • Videos must be recorded in ideal viewing format for judges - horizontal view

  • Dancers' entire body must be in video frames- at all times.

  • NO EDITED VIDEOS (unless combining two videos together)

  • Winners will be announced Sunday, May 24 at 4:00pm CDT Live on Lead Horse LLC Facebook Page.

Song Links:

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