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EVENT RECAP: Patriot Nations Performance

On February 22nd, Lead Horse had the opportunity to provide a cultural demonstration for the Kansas City Public Library's exhibit "Patriot Nations: Native Americans in our Nation's Armed Forces".

Before the cultural demonstration, Retired Veteran (Korea and Vietnam, Marines and U.S. Airborne) Burgess Tapedo of the Kiowa Nation, shared with the audience his experiences serving in the our nation's armed forces and the duality of growing up in two worlds.

After Mr. Tapedo's speaking session was concluded, Lead Horse took the stage and provided a cultural demonstration featuring three dancers and one singer.

Freddy Gipp, Lead Horse Founder and CEO, reflected on the performance.

"This was pretty moving. Especially having my grandfather Burgess being able to attend and speak on his experiences in the military. Diana and the rest of her team at the KC Public Library are great people and we are really fortunate to partner with them this weekend".

The exhibit, produced by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and was made possible by the generous support of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and co-sponsored by the Missouri Humanities Council.

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