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City of Lawrence awards over $17K to four powwow celebrations in 2020


During the last Lawrence City Commission meeting of 2019, an unanimous decision was made to approve the 2019 Transient Guest Tax (TGT) Grant Advisory Board recommendations by local City Commissioners.

The advisory board received 26 applications for 2020 funding and awarded a total of $120,000 to the 22 grant recipients. The board evaluated each event based on two main criteria, according to a city staff memo to the commission.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a measurable economic benefit, such as enhancing the cultural or tourism economy and creating additional transient guest tax and sales tax. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate that their event enhances Lawrence’s character and reputation for tourist activities by showing that the event attracts regional visitors.

The four powwow celebrations are (in scoring order of 26 applications):

(#9) 3rd Annual Young Professionals Powwow+: $6,000

(#11) Haskell Welcome Back Powwows: $5,000

(#13) KU FNSA Powwow and Indigenous Cultural Festival: $4,000

(#20) Lawrence High School Powwow: $2,646

This is the first time in the grant cycle's history that the TGT advisory board has opted to recommend funding for all requesting powwow celebrations. It also signifies a huge shift in understanding the unique variables that powwows bring for cultural tourism and recreational traveling to Lawrence, Kansas.

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